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Accommodating mum in your home

May 10, 2024

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Creating a nurturing and supportive environment for our mothers as they age is a beautiful way to honour their love and sacrifices. Here are some tailored tips for ensuring their comfort:

1. Safety first

Apart from home modifications that assist our aging parents (like handrails or grab bars) a simple way to make sure everyone has a happy day is to remember to clear pathways.  Removing clutter and tripping hazards will create safe pathways in and around the house.

2. Memory lane

Display family photos, heirlooms and mementos.  Creating a trip down memory lane can be a lovely activity to share.  The opportunity to reminisce about shared memories can be prompted by putting up a few photos that have not been seen for a long time.  It’s never too late to have another look at those 80’s hair and fashion styles.

3. Comfort and warmth

If the weather is good and you can gather outside, consider whether you have comfortable outdoor furniture. Extra cushions and careful seating arrangement will likely be appreciated. Providing seating options for both sun and shade can ensure everyone is comfortable.  Strategic seating to take advantage of natural light during different times of the day is an art that when well-practiced can extend a family gathering.

4. Greenery and flowers…

Being surrounded by lush green plants, flowers and fragrant blooms feels good for the soul.  Mother’s Day is a great day to re-arrange your plant options for increased visibility while gathering and of course, don’t forget a little bouquet for mum to take home!

Happy Mother’s Day from the RealWay Team!