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Are you receiving the top market rent for your property? You could be losing thousands $ !

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Landlords or Potential Landlords, one of our most simple but also most valuable services we offer is to provide an obligation free rental appraisal. Understanding if you are currently receiving the available market rent is essential for landlords. We all want to look after quality tenants in our property so in between tenancies is an ideal time just to get the expert facts on what the market is prepared to pay you to rent your investment property before the next tenancy.

If you are a current landlord or currently purchasing an investment property, and it is under rented it can have the following various impacts on your investment and you personally -

  • You are not maximising your investment return, and this can impact the value on the investment value of the property even if you are not planning to sell today...
  • Unfortunately, such expenses as interest rates, council rates fees and charges and insurance often keep going up so maximising your rental income to cover these costs matters.
  • Negative gearing is a useful strategy when owning investment property but if you have an impact on your other sources of income required to pay for the negative cash flow such as changing careers or in some difficult circumstances being made redundant. It can cause you serious stress having to find the cash flow shortfall.
  • If you have a positive cash flow from your investment property and if this is your income in retirement etc. Then with the capital invested in a property it is important you maximise the return you receive for your own living expenses.

So, contact us today to get the facts on your potential market rent from our experienced Property Management specialists. We can provide the latest information from comparable properties in your suburb as well as ideally, we can organise to visit the property to fine tune the information for you. Every property is unique so a simple call to the RealWay Property Teams in each area could increase your income by potentially thousands of dollars per year. So, call your local RealWay office today or email us below and we will forward your enquiry for you.

Rental Appraisal

Setting a successful rental price for your property is a balance we can help you with.

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