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The RealWay to Sell

Experienced Property Consultants with expert Local Knowledge +
High Tech Smart Buyer Databases and Marketing
Real Service delivering Real Results =
The RealWay to Maximise your Sales Price. 

Selling property can be exciting and rewarding but it can also be challenging. When it is time to move on to your next exciting lifestyle change the RealWay team will make it so much easier for you at every stage. 

Methods of Selling Your Property vary and when we meet with you for a no obligation property appraisal so we can understand your reasons for selling we will discuss in simple but clear terms what would suit you and your property to achieve the result you desire.

The REAL reasons we are confident we can achieve your desired selling price is our passionate property experts, our smart technology, our local area experience, our digital marketing expertise and very importantly our skills in negotiating with buyers to achieve your desired price in the shortest possible time.

Importantly, we also never forget we work for you first and foremost. Many agents take your fees but negotiate more for the buyer than you. This is never the RealWay. 

We also respect your privacy and reasons for selling at all times. We market your home not you.

Pricing your property is critical but ultimately the price is determined by you.

Before we get to this pricing point with we provide the latest property suburb data, information, knowledge of similar sales around you so you are fully informed of the current market prices and demand - Also:

  • With you we inspect your property to understand why it will appeal to your potential buyers
  • We provide guidance on any elements that can increase the price before going to market.
  • We provide a current market analysis of your home from Real Estate Agent only data platforms such as Core Logic
  • Together with you after reviewing all the latest property sales, we can establish with you an asking price for your property.
  • Of course first and foremost we always strive everyday to achieve the highest possible price for your property.
  • Using our RealWay buyer databases from buyers all over Australia and our cutting edge digital marketing we launch your property to create urgency, demand and competition from Day 1.
  • So ideally we can achieve the ultimate goal of attracting and negotiating with that buyer who wants your home above all else and is willing to pay the price you desire.

Marketing Your Property is changing rapidly. We may already have the buyer for your home. 

The RealWay teams' use of the most advanced cutting edge digital marketing and buyer database management to maximise your property price and minimise your time to a successful sale.

Marketing with us starts before it is even listed on property portals and social media because are locals who are experts in this area and are passionate about delivering for our clients we may already have the buyer who wants your home from Day 1.

Using the latest technologies we capture every active buyer from all the properties we take to market. So you may be able to sell your home for the price you way without you having to invest in any marketing at all.

Of course if the final buyer is someone who was not actively looking in your suburb we will provide you most cost effective options on a marketing national campaign to achieve the highest demand and price for your property.

Critically, the most important marketing time is the first few weeks because many active buyers who have not yet purchased their ideal home or investment property are watching to see the latest listings. They are the ones who are ready to transact, have their finance organised and often are happy to pay a premium price so they don't miss out again. Once we post your property to the market they will automatically be notified via our RealWay technology your home is available straight away. Often we receive enquiry  immediately using this technology.

So it is very important to the RealWay Team we ensure we present your property so it maximises it benefits, liveability and value. Rest assured we have the local knowledge and contacts to make sure your property is presented looking highly desirable to buyers every time. This will maximise your asking price.

We pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate the highest price for you. It never about pricing your property low just to achieve a quick sale at RealWay. We are here to assist you to maximise your real estate wealth every time.

At RealWay we take a long term view to all our clients and our community. Because once we have completed the sale of your home we want you be so satisfied with the Real Service and Result you will refer us to your friends, family and other community members. 

Please call or email one of highly experienced local sales professionals today for a discussion on your property.

This is absolutely obligation free. There is only one RealWay to sell.