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Welcome to the unique RealWay Hybrid Agency Business Model - Launched in late 2023 we have built and delivered Australia's most innovative agency startup in residential property sales. 

RealWay's unique Hybrid Agency means you can start lean and fast from a home office and then grow into a retail shop front as your cashflows, experience and knowledge grow.

Are you an existing principal, or an experienced agent finally wanting to start your own agency?

Read on to find out how to make your life easier, future-proof your agency and earn a lot more from every sale. 

RealWay is a very well-established, high-performing, boutique brand. Our Principals operate some of the most efficient and profitable agencies in Australia.  So, if you would want to take your career to the next level, we have proven results to support you to continue to thrive today and become a valued member of the forward-thinking RealWay Team.

When it comes to discussions about the future of real estate technology and systems, you will never be left behind with RealWay. We are often recognised as one of the most visionary and innovative brands in Australia. 

RealWay Australia provides an all-inclusive technology-driven business model in combination with our expert REAL agency operational knowledge, support, and experience.

Even if you only currently have a real estate sales certificate you can become a RealWay principal with our fast-track support to a full licence in a few weeks. Then you can start operating your own RealWay agency with all the latest technology available with our unique virtual office, so you are ready to list, market, and sell from Day 1.

So, you can focus on what you love doing every day - serving your clients and marketing and selling property.  Operate from an office or mobile. You choose. Ideally, you start very lean at home and as you grow your team move into a retail shop front agency. Utilising our RealWay Hybrid agency business model benefits you because as you grow you can fund each stage as your income allows you to support each step in your career and ownership success journey. We are incredibly flexible to ensure you can build the dream agency you want when you want it.

We are not trying to control you; we are here to support your success and assist you to thrive as you create wealth on your enjoyable journey as a RealWay agency owner.

You decide how you want to operate to suit your preferred lifestyle, career dreams, and financial needs at every phase of your career.

Our unique RealWay Hybrid office saves you the significant time of setting up all the technology required to be competitive today. You’ll be more efficient and make more, by doing less. So, you would earn considerably more from every sale if you chose to join the dynamic and innovative RealWay Team. We are passionate about teams' success, innovative, and always forward-thinking.

RealWay has some of the most high-performing boutique teams in Australia.

Old-Style Brands High Agency Fees are not providing fair value anymore or are even required today for you to be competitive. 

Old models charge an approximate fee of 10%. They justify high these fees over-inflating the importance of their old brand rather than their team and offering all this "training". Experienced Principals and their team know the old school training isn't relevant to most team members because, at any given time, every salesperson is at a different stage in their professional career growth. Instead, there are many excellent specialised real estate training organisations to choose from, that can accelerate your professional development without the internal propaganda you might hear from an expensive franchise. You'll save yourself unnecessary fees while having the luxury of choosing what training is best for you and your team at every stage of your career. 

We know brands don't build valuable long-term relationships with property clients, only you do. 

All successful and experienced sales agents understand that the brand clients choose is in fact, themselves. At RealWay we are honest about this reality. Clients deal with people they know, like, trust and want to develop a professional relationship with, not a company logo. If you're on the hunt for a fresh and exciting change in your real estate career, the RealWay Team supports you with all the cutting-edge tools required to make you more efficient, and effective and save you so much time and money so you can focus on building your network of personal clients. In combination with a well-established team of great people and agencies who support and assist each other every day. RealWay cultures is built on respect first and foremost. Respect for each other alongside respect for our valuable clients.  

So, you are never on your own at RealWay. 

Why our Agents prefer to be part of the RealWay Team.  

As real estate agents, our roles are increasingly challenging us to keep up with technology, staffing costs are increasing, compliance and administration workloads are growing, and digital marketing is complex and requires full-time specialists to produce results. The high-tech RealWay team environment takes care of all of this.

Importantly, our valued and established team knows that being part of the RealWay team is something we all value highly therefore they also know we are careful when we select new team members to protect the reputation we have all proudly built together over many years of proven success in sales and property management.  

This is why in some markets our established high-performing boutique teams outperform all other brands in a like-for-like comparison. 

RealWay or Independent? 

Do you have the time to choose and implement the tools and software to be competitive today and tomorrow? Wouldn't you rather just focus on selling from Day One not researching and setting up software and technology systems?

It seems easy to just buy software and start your own agency. But the reality is independent selling principals rarely have access to the well-proven real estate agency business knowledge and our vast insights into real estate technology in combination with our group buying power. As a cutting-edge team, we get priority support from our valued business and technology partners. We have a very experienced team to make your life easier. We support your agency operations and provide the technology to ensure you can just list and sell from Day 1.

Owning your own agency is fun, rewarding and challenging. Our corporate team with very REAL agency experience is available 7 days a week to ensure you have someone to call when it isn't all going to plan. It is a whole lot easier when you are part of an expert team who are there for you at every stage of your journey to success and importantly your wealth creation. Your success is our success. This is the RealWay. 

We absolutely know we can save you time, money, and stress when you join the RealWay Team.

Call today to reserve your suburb - it could be gone tomorrow. It could be the most valuable call you ever make. Why not find out more, obligation free, about becoming part of the high-performing boutique RealWay Team?

So if you are thinking of starting your own agency or want your current agency to not get left behind in this quickly changing era maybe a quick confidential call to Greg Watson CEO on 0407 122398 could make your career as a Principal a whole lot easier from day one.

You can call Greg 7 days a week to start discussions around your own future-proof agency. 

Contact RealWay's CEO, Greg Watson

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